More than a bump in the road

Several weeks ago I shared a little of what I’ve learned in the sickroom, and planned more lessons from this past year. However, still dealing with the chaos of mold remediation at home, I never made it back to my computer. Last Friday I experienced an abrupt alteration of my pathway–way more than a bump in the road. Right after DH left for work I tripped and fell on my left hip. I knew it was broken. Writhing in pain, I listened to DH’s car accelerate around the bend. Our golden retriever, Lily, licked my face and cried with me.

I spent the better part of the day in the ER, was admitted to the hospital and had surgery late Friday night to pin my hip back together. (In the x-ray, the pins look more like stakes to me!)
x rays

head and neck massage from DH
head and neck massage from DH
spaghetti squash from home
spaghetti squash from home

After several days filed with pain and nausea, I was transferred to the Comprehensive Rehab Unit for an estimated two or three weeks of physical and occupational therapy. (Translate: torture with smiles) I’ve struggled to find a medication that controls pain without making me nauseous to the point of immobilizing me.

I am working hard to regain the use of my left leg, no matter the pain.

learning to walk again
learning to walk again

What do you do when life throws you a sharp curve?
When you barely get up, and get knocked down again?
When you can’t even see the sky?

The only place I can go is to the one who loves me, who calls me by name, and who is there with me no matter what I encounter.

Who died to set me eternally free of this world of sin and death, disease and accidents.

The One who is Enough.

Sarah Young said it so beautifully in this excerpt from Jesus Calling.

In this age of independence, people find it hard to acknowledge their neediness. However, I have taken you along a path that has highlighted your need for Me: placing you in situations where your strengths were irrelevant and your weaknesses were glaringly evident. Through the aridity of those desert marches, I have drawn you closer and closer to Myself. You have discovered flowers of Peace blossoming in the most desolate places. You have learned to thank Me for hard times and difficult journeys, trusting that through them I accomplish My best work. You have realized that needing Me is the key to knowing Me intimately, which is the gift above all gifts.

And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places
and make your bones strong;
and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.

Isaiah 58:11 ESV

3 thoughts on “More than a bump in the road

  1. There is some grace in sharing the load, even if we aren’t able to be together physically. We certainly understand the journey we each experience, and know how to pray for each other! I love you, too.Journey on.


  2. Love you sweet sister. My heart is with you as we both recover and endure these bumps in the road. I personally am ready for the smooth, uneventful path or road. I know that God knows our strengths and weaknesses and God carries us over the bumps , allowing us to rely on Him/ Her. Remember, All creation is straining on tiptoe just to see the saints of God come into their own.

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