Writing projects

After returning from the mission field, Jane wrote They Shoot Thieves, Don’t They? the first in a middle grade series following an adventurous sister and brother combo, this one set in the Honduran rain forest with poachers and endangered species. In the next book they will travel to Roatan where they help an autistic boy, with the help of a friendly dolphin.

While her husband studied at the University of Utah, Jane took advantage of the inter-library loan system to glean from primary sources in five languages on the history of the Caribbean basin and Central America. Jane is polishing the first of her Keeper of the Shell series, Listen to the Wind, a pre-Columbian novel set in the Virgin Islands, the Honduran Bay Islands, and the east coast of Central America, exploring how people of that time understood and responded to evil and hardships, the supernatural, and how their beliefs defined their lives.

After discovering her grandmother’s Anabaptist roots from Switzerland, Jane wrote a manuscript based on Sarasota’s Pinecraft plain community, Closed for the Season, an Amish suspense story, with plans for two more in the Pinecraft Series.

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