Settling into this journey

Last week’s post, Under Construction, was not about life as I’d like it to be, all pretty with bows on top. Surely after being a Christian for a very long time, even serving as a missionary in Honduras for eight years, you’d think I’d have all the kinks worked out, be as polished as the exterior I can present. After all, isn’t that the goal, being a great specimen for God?

Am I a failure because I’m not actually there yet?

If so, I’m in pretty good company, since Paul, who wrote the majority of the New Testament, said he still struggled.

But rather than being a painful time, as some might suppose, I’m loving the benefits of having to continually seek God for the healing path. 

And I am giving up my life-long quest for perfection and people-pleasing.

This week on Chris Fabry Live, T Davis Bunn talked about his latest novel, The Turning. He said the main character couldn’t pull his life together without a big change. After all, if he knew what to do, he would have already done it. He needed to learn to quiet himself, to listen to God’s voice.

And that is where The Healing Path is carrying me (aided by my broken hand), to try less and listen more. To give up the struggle to do more, and receive who I am in the love of the Great I Am. To hear the Voice of Life.

Where is your journey taking you?

Santiago by Jack H Thompson John 3:3
Santiago by Jack H Thompson
John 3:3