3 thoughts on “Radical hospitality trumps hate | Keri Wyatt Kent

  1. Hello Jane,

    A very interesting article, a great part of which I’m in agreement. However:

    Nowhere do I read an acknowledgment that the ban is for 90 days only. I don’t believe this is unreasonable, given that the vetting up-to-date included such questions as “Are you a terrorist?”. This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the quality of the vetting process that was used to issue visas. I do think people with green cards should not have been detained.

    In retrospect, maybe one problem that has arisen would not have done so had the law not been changed.

    Once people were allowed to have dual citizenship, this led to some in this category now being temporarily detained. I don’t know when the law was changed. I only know that when I became a citizen in the 1940’s, I was required to renounce my British citizenship and relinquish my British passport. I have really never understood how anyone could have divided loyalties when push comes to shove and gladly complied. But I digress.

    Who is right and who is wrong is far from simple. There’s a lot more to the refugee problem than just the humanitarian side, which is so well expressed by Keri Wyatt Kent.




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    1. Very true, Colleen. I shared her post because the extreme polarization in attitudes in the US now concerns me. Remembering there are real people involved, not simply ideologies and terrorists, is important. There is no simple solution. I pray for wisdom for all those making decisions.
      Our dealings with US immigration from the third world side were never very impressive.


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